This adventurer tied 100 helium balloons to a camping chair---and got the best view of South Africa

Whether you’ve seen “Up,” the 2009 animated comedy-adventure film or not, you will appreciate Tom Morgan and his adventurous spirit. In the movie produced by Pixar, Carl Fredricksen, together with a young “Wilderness Explorer” named Russell, sets out to fulfill his dream to see the wilds of South America and complete a promise made to his late w

Teacher tells 9-year-old who wants to be an astronaut to be 'realistic' — so boy asks an astronaut, and the answer is epic

What did you dream of becoming when you were a child? Did anyone ever tell you it was unrealistic or make you doubt yourself? 9-year-old Isaac dreams of becoming an astronaut one day, but his teacher implied that he might want to choose something more “realistic.” With no offense to the teacher, who may have been focusing on the assignment at hand, that’s probably not the best advice for a young

Once a Florida fashion photographer, John Coffer has been living for decades like a pioneer by choice. You should see his photography now

One of the most intriguing and interesting artists in the United States lives one of the most interesting and intriguing lifestyles. That artist is John Coffer.  He can’t be reached by phone. He works from a log cabin. And, he has no internet connection. He’s considered a master of the lost art of tintype photography, a style of photography that was used around the time of the Civil War. Tinty
Inspiring teacher got a phone call from his former 8th-grade student, and what happened next will make you want to do the same

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"For more than 40 years, Albert Siedlecki has taught science to eighth-grade students. Most of those years were spent at Memorial Middle School in Medford Township, New Jersey, where he is affectionately known as “Mr. Sie”—coincidentally pronounced like the “sci” in science. Throughout his career, he has impacted countless students by using a hands-on learning approach and challenging them to do their very best, while clearly loving and enjoying his career immensely. But he never realized how much he really meant to the children in his classes until he received a phone call from a former student..." Feedback: "Billy, thank you for the Uplift article about Dr. Buono. It inspired me to write to the son of my fifth-grade teacher. Her name was Jean Love and that name fit perfectly! Unfortunately, Mrs. Love passed away in 2015 but I managed to find her son's address and I'm mailing off a letter tonight. The solid foundation she gave me made it possible for me to become a successful corporate teacher and technical writer. I really wish I'd had the opportunity to speak with her again and your article has inspired me to contact other people in my life who have made a difference. I'm a 63-year-old grandmother now and you can bet I will be encouraging my grandchildren to say thanks while they still can. Regards, (name withheld for privacy)
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Rachel Macy Stafford, NY Times Best Selling Author Endorsement

Wow! One of the most thorough, accurate, and beautifully written articles … and to think it’s about my work in the world! I am so moved! The intro is incredible! ~ Rachel Macy Stafford _____________________________________________________________________________ "Stafford offers hope in this story she posted on her Facebook timeline. It's a message well worth your time and consistent with the times in which we live. Her conclusive message of prevailing love is not a Hallmark, Disney-infused, idealistic, or empty expose'. Rather, it's a poignant reminder that whether it be the love of a friend or love of humanity, it all starts with authentic connections.” ~ Billy Soden
Hope Dealer - Chapter Two Excerpt

Hope Dealer (Book) - Short Excerpt Chapter

Money was always an issue and we were “trained” on exactly how many squares of toilet paper should be taken from the roll after going to the bathroom. When my only pair of tennis shoes became one size too small and had worn to the point of being anything but shoe-looking, I asked for new tennis shoes because I needed them to participate on the track team at school. I was refused and told that because the Italians were then running barefoot in the Olympics, I could just run barefoot in track as well. It was reactions and behaviors like this occurring regularly and growing proportionately in extremity and ridiculousness that were setting off alarms in my head.
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