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Youth in Focus Brings Clarity Through Creativity For At-Risk Youth by Billy Soden

In an interview with Billy Soden from NTD Television/The Epoch Times, Ashley Mouldon, Administrative and Development Associate for Youth in Focus, explained what the organization is all about. Soden: What exactly does Youth in Focus do? Mouldon: "We work with youth, 13-19 years old, who face a variety of challenges in their lives on a daily basis, and who struggle with a combination of combination of racial or ethnic discrimination, poverty or homophobia.  At Youth in Focus, we feel that we reach at-risk youth at a crucial time – at or before the 9th grade – when 90% of the majority of youth that drops out of high school do during that year.   Studies have found that the majority of kids who drop out of high school do so because of financial pressures, or because they do not believe they can be successful.  By attending our creative youth development photography program, students are able to become part of a community filled with support and resources to help them be successful.

Five 5th-Grade Heroes Stand Up To Bullying by Billy Soden

In 2015, the Pew Research Center analyzed statistics nationally from varied sources in eight different areas. Those areas were: All eight categories could easily, in one form or another, have a direct correlation to the last one listed, “being bullied.” In general, the study revealed some broad conclusions: Low-income parents, for instance, are more concerned about teen pregnancy and their kids getting in trouble with the law than are higher-income parents. Black parents are more likely than w
U Be U

U Be U by Billy Soden

U Be U is whimsical wisdom set to simple rhyme and stunning images from around the world. It’s a cool, sometimes cute and sometimes witty gift for the grad - the grad of diploma collectors, university seekers, and achievement gatherers! Graduates come in all forms. In fact, we graduate from something nearly every day. Graduating from high school? Graduating from college? Graduating from a relationship?! From the smallest of goals to the loftiest life-changing milestones, we are all alumni of every challenge overcome, every happy moment ever shared, and every goal ever reached - be they big or small. In a world that often wants to tell us who and what we should be, it’s easy to get lost in a crowd and get tied in a knot over who you are not! “U” are unique. “U’ are who you are. “U” have great purpose, some discovered and some not quite yet. “U” never stop learning and growing into the new “U” you are today. What’s the message? Be yourself! Are there bumps along the way? Of course! At the end of the day, be they mounds or mountains, you are the one who gets to decide who the you that is you, truly are. Wherever you go, and in all that you do, a most valuable life lesson is for you to be you. U Be U. Available now on Amazon, Amazon Europe, CS estore, BillySoden.com & other fine retailers. available on both Amazon and Createspace! (and some other global markets as well. Find it on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1545523320 or on Createspace here: https://www.createspace.com/7111937
Personalized Graduation Videos Sample

Order Your 2017 Graduation Video Now from BillySoden.com

Just months from now, your graduate will be the talk of the town as they prepare for their next season in life. Don't miss the opportunity to share their journey with family, friends, on social media, and at their opon house! This is just one small sample. Yours, of course, would include you pictures and videos from over the years, customised music, and/or written messages and quotes that appear wherever you want them to! To the class of 2017! You ROCK!
How Are You getting There?

How Are You Getting There?

When I first read this poem by Rita Simmonds titled “The Survivor,” it immediately resonated with me. It reminded me of how different we all are, but yet we are the same in so many ways. We all take out own path. But we don’t always know our destination. We all swim “within” ourselves, tied to our friends and family and our values and beliefs. That connection, that “rope” if you will, is what gives us strength, confidence, and courage in times of hardship. Those attachments help us to feel free

About Billy - Finding Ways Not To Lose Since 1967

I have been and will always be a teacher at heart, and even more so a learner. I’ve fought some hard battles and lost, but I’ve also fought difficult battles and won! What I’ve learned is to choose to engage in the battles that are in my control with experienced wisdom (fighting them all is exhausting!), and that the one’s to choose should include a majority that serves the needs of the marginalized and oppressed. You’ll never regret your involvement and investment in those battles because the act of choosing to stand up for another person or group means you’ve already been claimed the victor. Above all else, I am privileged to know the most extraordinary people in the world, and they call me dad.
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