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Since 2008, Cole’s Foundation has served kids and their families dealing with pediatric cancer. This year we’ve made new connections that put us in a positive position to build upon a decade of our efforts. We help kids with cancer and their families through direct financial, emotional, and educational support. We offer awareness for those who are a part of battling both the day-to-day realities of childhood cancer and life itself. Our growing successful impact on these families and their communities are best measured in the qualitative, as matters of the heart don't always transfer adequately to a spreadsheet.

The Broeniman Family; A Story Of Family Love, Loss, & Surviving Childhood Cancer by Billy Soden

Jim and Amie Broeniman of Appleton, Wisconsin were enjoying the playful interaction and development of their 15- month-old daughter, Emma, just as most parents do. Every milestone was celebrated in that short journey from baby to toddlerhood. The private moments they shared as they each bonded with each other through play and love was beyond precious, and beyond words. That kind of love was the overwhelming gift that can only be experienced, not described. Little did the Broeniman’s know that this love for each other, given to them in abundance, would soon be sabotaged with a diagnosis that would rock their world and change their lives forever.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year-Cole's Foundation-2018

Jim and Amie Broeniman of Appleton, Wisconsin were enjoying the playful interaction and development of their 15-month-old daughter, Emma, just as most parents do. Every milestone was celebrated in that short journey from baby to toddlerhood. The private moments they shared as they each bonded with each other through play and love was beyond precious, and beyond words. That kind of love was the overwhelming gift that can only be experienced, not described. Little did the Broeniman’s know that this love for each other, given to them in abundance, would soon be sabotaged with a diagnosis that would rock their world and change their lives forever. Beautiful little Emma was just learning how to stand and walk. She couldn’t contain her excitement as she amazed herself with the wonderment of her newfound mobility! As Emma’s mom sat at the computer, Emma balanced herself with one hand on the wall as she bent her knees, bouncing happily. Her legs suddenly gave way and she fell to the floor...

Ad Lib Island

Ad Lib Island is deeply rooted in a rarely remembered story from world history involving a man named Bill. Bill was known to most as being somewhat of a “Renaissance Man” (RM). Of course, one did not have to be a person of superhuman intellect, worldly wisdom, or abundant expertise, talents, and skills. One need not even have to subscribe to "Men's Health" magazine! All a person needed to earn the RM title was to make sure they were born somewhere in the period from 1300 to 1600. Yep! That's it! That brand of luck made you a bonafide RM! But that time period has come and gone centuries ago. Today, obtaining RM status is quite different. How so? Well, for starters, you probably need to walk cool You know, walking with a cool "swagger" that clearly implies, "I don't mean to brag, but I'm kind of a big deal." To have that kind of swagger you'll need some swag. Welcome to Ad Lib Island - Surrounded By Swag.

Make A Difference Award

Do you know a high school junior or senior who makes a difference in the lives of others? Cole's Foundation helps kids who help kids with cancer. In honor of our 10th anniversary, we would like to ask you to nominate a senior who exemplifies making a difference using the following criteria: * Sets high personal standards of character and integrity * Empowers others to reach their potential * Encourages involvement in community service * Uses their skills and talents to make a difference * Selflessly promotes a "pay it forward" mindset


How We Become Rock Stars – Our Story “Hey Ray, Hey Sugar, tell them who we are…” Those are the opening lyrics that Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show made famous with their infamous hit song, “The Cover Of The Rolling Stone.” Of course, they were big rock singers who had golden fingers and we’re loved everywhere they’d go. At Rockstar Puppy, it’s kind of the same way. The “lead singer” is Jessica Clark, and she probably wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, either. Jessica is no one-hit wonder, she began her endeavor in “all things canine” in 2009 after meeting celebrity TV star, JWoww, at an MTV Movie Awards gift suite. She designed and built a doghouse for JWoww’s pack of pups and the lightbulb, or should we say stage lights, went on. Her experience sparked an idea to take things to a whole new level. Inspired by her own Chinese Crested dog, Rockstar, Jessica started a part-time business peddling accessory doggie swag to those who love to pamper their pooches. Today, Rockstar Puppy is number one on the charts as the leading specialized online pet boutique. After tapping into all of her creative talents to build JWoww’s doghouse, other celebrity requests began to follow. Jessica and Rockstar Puppy created and constructed Barbra Streisand’s dog’s house; appropriately a replica of a Brooklyn Brownstone. Formula One heiress, Petra Ecclestone, commissioned two new glam limestone homes for her dogs. Other celebrity clients 2 Chainz and Jimmy Fallon. Other celebrity clients include 2 Chainz and Jimmy Fallon. Jessica has also designed a special doghouse for Tuka, Harry Connick Jr.'s rescued pup, but neither of them knows about it quite yet! Puppy Rockstar is the go-to destination for celebrities as well as real rock stars and rock stars from all walks of life who love their dogs. Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Marketing Management from SUNY Fredonia. She has collaborated with Lauren Makk in conceptualizing and constructing several private label doghouses. Lauren is an award-winning Interior Designer, and former TV Host and designer for TLC's Emmy Award-winning Trading Spaces. She has also been a designer on A&E's Drill Team, Hotel Impossible, and was the Interior Design expert and co-host for ABC's FAB Life. Currently, Lauren is a designer on Home Made Simple for The Oprah Winfrey Network. The Rockstar Puppy “backstage” is located in Jessica’s home in the mountains of Pennsylvania. From there, Jessica and her Rockstar team offer dog lovers who want the best of the best for their pups to every corner of the world. Rock Star Puppy clientele is a mix of canine lovers whose biggest fans are their dogs and appreciate stylish, snazzy, and trendy designer brands. Jessica and the Rockstar Puppy team are always on tour and no matter what your needs or desires are to make your dog feel like a rock star, they’ve got a backstage pass just waiting for you! If you can imagine it, they can build it. Maybe it’s your idea that will be featured right along with Jessica and Rockstar Puppy when they actually do get their picture on “the cover of the Rolling Stone.”

Kids Unite To Fight

Cole’s Foundation Presents 10th Anniversary Concert Fundraiser FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ironwood, MI – Cole’s Foundation will present their 10th Anniversary Concert Fundraiser taking place at the Historic Ironwood Theatre on Saturday, September 29th at 7 pm featuring Ethan Bortnick. Cole’s Foundation is proud to bring Ethan Bortnick to the Ironwood Theatre. The World’s Youngest Solo Musician to Headline His Own Concert Tour, Ethan Bortnick has been performing around the world, raising over $50 million for nonprofits around the world. He’s shared the stage with artists including Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, Beyoncé, Josh Groban, and Reba McEntire. In 2010, he joined some of music’s biggest names – including Barbra Streisand, Tony Bennett, Celine Dion, and Carlos Santana as the youngest in an all-star lineup that recorded We Are The World 25 For Haiti. The 10th-anniversary event also includes the reigning 2018 Ms. America, Brittany Wagner, who will speak at on Wednesday, September 26th, to 1400 local students, and meet with our Cole’s Foundation “Make A Difference Award” nominees, local high school junior or seniors. Cole’s Foundation has also been chosen as the sole charity of the Miss Greater Southern California Pageant. Their titleholder will dedicate their efforts in the upcoming year to help Cole’s Foundation help kids with cancer through the programs we offer. Tickets to the concert are $25 and are available now at the Ironwood Historic Theatre website - by calling 906-932-0618 or stopping by the Historic Ironwood Theatre at 109 E Aurora St, Ironwood, Michigan 49938. The event will also feature an online and live silent auction, a recorded message from Ms. America, and a special presentation by a professional animation sand artist. For questions and inquiries, please contact Billy Soden (pronounced “So Den”) at 952-446-6230 or Aaron Routsala at 906-364-1421. Kids Unite to Fight is much more than just sending a letter... My son has a rare bone marrow illness. Letters started arriving from places I've never heard of like Hurly, WI or Ironwood MI. The letters were from grade school kids that had taken the time to write Alex! Know that each letter will be saved and cherished forever. ~ Parent, Orange County, CA I just want to send out a HUGE thank you to the Cole's Foundation for the Kids Unite to Fight, “Project of Hope and Encouragement” for the cards the children sent to Matthew wishing him well. Matthew LOVES to get mail and was so excited that "kids sent me mail" and he does his little dance. I know once he is old enough, he will love to get involved and do the same for other children suffering from their own medical challenges. ~ Matthew’s Mother This is such a wonderful program. My son, Trevor, looks forward to running around the house with his mail. It was great to see the smile on his face. We are thankful to your organization, C.O.L.E.'s Foundation, all the schools and students for partnering to bring hope and encouragement to kids! ~ Trevor’s Mom

Gold To Be Found In Vegas by Billy Soden

For most, Nevada wasn't much more than an obstacle to endure before reaching California, but in July 1849, a prospector by the name of Abner Blackburn found a half-ounce gold nugget while panning in a ravine off of the Carson River. When word spread about Blackburn’s find, albeit not nearly what was told of being discovered in California, it created a bit of gold fever for some who were just passing through. Most of the gold in that area, known as Gold Canyon, was electrum — gold rich with silver. Electrum was less valuable, and the potential jackpots farther west, along with the harsh, water-deprived desert environment, eventually enticed the majority of prospectors to continue in that direction. Yet some disbursed their searches into other areas around what would ultimately become Las Vegas and other parts of Nevada. You can visit some of those sites still today. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Billy Soden is a freelance writer and author from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Soden's branded "beatbusker" style is ever-present in his stories written with integrity, dignity, and showcasing the best side of humanity. Contact Billy at Billy@

Baby Beagle Puppy Learns To Howl From His Dad by Billy Soden

If you’ve ever owned or befriended a beagle, you already know that teaching a beagle to howl is kind of like teaching water how to be wet. It just is, with or without your tutelage. But adorable 8-week-old puppies don’t know what is natural and what is taught, and they could really care less. Moose was like all beagle puppies; attention = good, no attention = why aren’t you playing with me? Truly, they are the friendliest dogs in the world.

Client Testimonials -

CLIENT TESTIMONIALS "I just wanted to pause for a moment and thank you for everything you have done for me and for Sparrow. The article that you published was the piece of the puzzle that allowed me a voice. Today we launch our Soul Punching Spartan Sparrows program and I couldn’t be in more wonder that this is all happening. Politicians and three networks are said to be there. But that’s not even what matters. What matter is that today, we take a huge leap to intercede for our youth. We want children to be children and the teachers to be the confident figures of empowerment that inspires them to be teachers in the first place. Thank you, Billy. Thank you for being a part of this project!!!" C. Smith, Albuquerque, New Mexico “Love it! Thanks so much … this is just the sort of vibe I am looking for! I would like to hire you!” ~ Gail, The Kombucha City Brew House – Auckland, New Zealand… "Billy has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Fast delivery and excellent communication. He did exactly as I asked him to, adding a flair that only a true wordsmith is capable of." ~ Gail, The Kombucha City Brew House – Auckland, New Zealand "Well, Billy, I’m speechless, and you might guess that doesn’t happen very often! You, sir, are a craftsman – turning our rambling conversation into a lucid inspiring piece. You have done a superb job. Thank you." ~ Vincent Thurkettle. Wales, UK (Former President of the World Goldpanning Association and 2012 World Goldpanning Champion (Vincent Thurkettle; The ‘Determined Amateur’ – It’s Not About The Gold – by Billy Soden) “Wow! One of the most thorough, accurate, and beautifully written articles … and to think it’s about my work in the world! I am so moved! The intro is incredible!” ~ Rachel Macy Stafford (Author of three best-selling books including “Only Love Today: Reminders to Breathe More, Stress Less, and Choose Love”) “You did such an AMAZING job! I felt like you know the character and topic so well. I wish I can write like you I would give everything! I almost cry at the end of the text how good it was.” ~ R.C. (West Coast – USA) “The piece is indeed KICK ASS. Truly phenomenal work.” ~ Sunny R. – Kuwait “Thank you so much, sir. I really really respect you and hope next we can work together again.” ~ Z. Aiyadi (Indonesia) “Billy, thank you for the Uplift article about Dr. Buono. It inspired me to write to the son of my fifth-grade teacher. Her name was Jean Love and that name fit perfectly! Unfortunately, Mrs. Love passed away in 2015 but I managed to find her son’s address and I’m mailing off a letter tonight. The solid foundation she gave me made it possible for me to become a successful corporate teacher and technical writer. I really wish I’d had the opportunity to speak with her again and your article has inspired me to contact other people in my life who have made a difference. I’m a 63-year-old grandmother now and you can bet I will be encouraging my grandchildren to say thanks while they still can.”~ Regards, Joyce S. “GREAT! You’re a dream to work with Billy, thank you.” ~ Paul, Gold Prospectors Of America “…Billy is the consummate professional with a seemingly unending skill set! Not only did he produce an excellent product well within our required timeframe, he went above and beyond by contacting the company for which we are building a relationship with and thoroughly researched our niche. In doing so, he provided an invaluable contact that led us to a networking opportunity that we may not have acquired otherwise. If you get the opportunity to work with Billy, I highly recommend you seize it! Billy is professional, exceedingly talented in many areas, and a flexible easy-to-work-with genuine person.” ~ Ben A., CEO at Mo Opp “It was great to work with Billy. Great scriptwriter and hard worker.” ~ R. I. at Elite Entertainment – Hong Kong, China “Billy is such a good writer, very creative and hard-working. But the thing I liked the most from him was his amazing attitude. Very kind, polite and collaborative! I would like to work with him on other projects.” ~ C.M. “Billy was a pleasure to work with, I engaged him to write several articles. He came up with the ideas and executed as promised. There were on one or two occasions that revision was required, this was done expeditiously and without complaints. Recommending him to anyone else looking for an experienced writer. Will definitely engage his services again. (In fact, I just did)” ~ Kevin T., Executive Search Recruiter – Hong Kong, China “You are so kind Billy, I am so glad to work with you!” ~ Monica Cervera – Barcelona, Spain “Upon seeing these intriguing delights, I experienced the same sort of insanely happy, childish surprise that overcomes you when grandma prepared your favorite meal [Chicken Parmesan w/Spaghetti] or when you were treated to your absolute favorite takeout place on Sunday [Pastrami King on Queens Boulevard]. From the very moment that humans have walked this earth to the moment you are reading this, man has made so many great contributions to society. Pillsbury gave us the Toaster Strudel. Joanna Rohrback gave us the flow of the rhythm with her Prancercise routines, and Joseph Pedott gave us the Clapper. But to trump it all, Billy Soden gave me these exceptional pieces of work. The wording! They flow so nicely together. The rhythm! The flow of the rhythm is so graceful! When I read these amazing pieces, my mojo was again renewed. I was taken far away, to a land where Chinese delivery is available 24 hours a day, where rainbows and kittens are plentiful, and my poster of the legendary Chuck Norris wearing his very own Action Jeans brand [A special blend of denim and Elastane fibers with a stretch range of infinity because Chuck Norris] could be displayed without fear of ridicule. At a time when there is so much strife in the world, humanity needs to hear Billy and his words. Life is too short to overlook beautiful simplicity like this. In summary, I highly endorse Billy Soden [creativity, timeliness, attention to details, and really a great guy to work with].” ~ Michelle B. – Beaverton, Oregon “First and foremost, I want to express my great gratitude for helping me to get in the PsyD program. I have been admitted into the Clinical Psychology program. Thank you so much for your fantastic help with essay and scholarship impact, it means to me a lot. You are a highly talented writer!” ~ P.R. ~ China “We hired Billy for a small job cleaning up grammatical errors in a CV and early on it became clear to us that we needed Billy’s help in more ways than we initially anticipated. Billy understood our needs better than we did and produced a work product that was a ” home run”. He was easy to work with kept his work within budget and on time. We will definitely be using Billy in the future.” ~ Kevin and Michelle – Georgia, USA “Awesome job! Better than what I expected!” ~ Misty – Georgia, USA “Great work Billy! Such a pleasure to work with. Quick, efficient, patient with me and my changes in direction and delays. 5★ experience from start to finish and hoping that we have a chance to work together again on another project. Thank you!” ~ Alan E. – Phoenix, Arizona “This is called over-delivering the value! I am super grateful for the job you’ve done!” ~ Kamila – Poland “Very fast turn around time. Fantastic job. Definitely will use again.” ~ Brett R. – San Fransisco, California “Another excellent project with Billy. Really produced a first-class piece!” ~ Ksenia R. – Beijing, China “Billy is going to be our long-term partner! Truly an excellent editor and writer.” ~ Client Name Withheld

Tony Succar Releases "Me Enamoro Mas De Ti" Featuring Jean Rodriguez

Tony Succar announces the release of “Me Enamoro Mas De Ti “ (I Fall More In Love With You) featuring Jean Rodriguez, adding another song to his ever-growing list of new flavors that are defining salsa-infused pop music. The powerful combination created when these two work together has been a consistent formula for viral success. When Succar and Rodriguez combine their talents, it’s a concoction of tropical goodness that has their fans loving their groove. The single is available now on iTunes,
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